Club Notices   


2017 Meeting Dates


4th January                                                    5th July

1st February                                                  2nd August

1st March                                                       6th September

5th April                                                         4th October

3rd May                                                          *** November

7th June                                                         6th December*


* A.G.M. Followed by Club meeting.


All Members please switch OFF their mobile phones when on the field.  Some transmitters can be affected by the mobile signal.  Would members also ask visitors/family members to do the same.


Please see the new rules regarding the new flying times and the new page showing the flying area and no fly zones.  Effective from 8th April 2014.


Peter Hemmings has been nominated Marshal to ‘police’ the field for noise and compliance with the flying area/ no fly zone.     Effective from 8th April 2014.  


There is a camera based at the airfield that members can log onto the see if there are any members at the field or if the weather is suitable for flying.  A user name and password is required, which are hollym and hollym respectively.









Please note the Club Members pages are for club members only.

All meetings are held from 8:00PM in the Haven Arms,

Hedon, HULL. HU12 8HH

It was decided at the  April meeting  2017 that there would be no separate area for helicopter flying.   A member has raised a question as to whether a circle for control-line flying was discussed as there was no mention of it in the email circular.